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If you want to give telescope tours, you need to have had telescope training. Trainings are given for department members a few times per year. Contact the telescope guardian (contact info on this page) if you need training.

Having been trained, it is always a good idea to accompany an experienced tour guide on a tour; contact the outreach committee for information on the next available tour(s).

Tour content

To devise the content of your tour, you can consider using the following:

* Laura's notes for the telescope tours

* for information on how the telescopes work and their historical background, see our telescope wiki page or the page of local amateur astronomer club Centaurus A.

* there are posters with basic astronomical information hanging in the room on the roof, next to the dome entrances. Check them out and involve them in your story:



* talk about your life as an astronomer, why you are an astronomer, about your research and what is so cool about it. That's always appreciated.

Telescope History