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Make sure you are aware of the rules and forms below, and that you file travel-application and reimbursement forms on time. This holds for both trips abroad and multiple-day trips within the Netherlands.

Before you travel: apply for your trip

File the Travel-application form. Do this either:

  • at least 2.5 weeks in advance if you want payment in advance;
  • at least 1 week in advance if you don't want payment in advance. This ensures that you will be insured during the trip (standard insurances do not cover work-related travel).

If you're employed by the university, use the BASS system (check here to see how to log in). If you're employed by a third party (e.g. FOM), download the PDF form from this page.

Corporate Business Travel Insurance

When we apply for any trip we are insured with Alliance Global Assistance with policy nr. 1000694319. You can check all the information here. There you can find all the information, but the full document describing what covers is only in Dutch. In summary this insurance includes coverage for:

  • Cancellation
  • Luggage
  • Repatriation to the Netherlands in case of serious illness or accident of the insured person(s)
  • Saving and rescue costs in case of assumed accident of the insured person(s)
  • Transportation costs to the Netherlands in case of death of the insured person(s)
  • Travel costs to the Netherlands in case of life threatening illness or accident of relatives (only first and second degree)
  • Diving
  • Medical expenses in case of illness or accident during the insured period
  • Doctor's fees
  • Hospitalization and operation
  • Treatment and medical prescriptions
  • Transport to nearest hospital or doctor in case of serious illness or accident;

Insured amounts:

  • Repatriation/Transportation/Travel costs: no limit
  • Medical expenses: Outside the Netherlands –no limit
  • Dental expenses: up to EUR 750,- as a result of an accident or in case of urgent treatment

For assistance during your travel you can call: 00800 080 11 110 (gratis) or +31 (0) 20 592 91 70

In case of serious illness hospitalization, serious accident or death immediately contact 0031205929292 (24 hrs).

For a health insurance certificate or any doubt, you can write here:

Or contact Marian Bekker: +31 (0)24 361 14 85,


After you're back from the trip, and within 3 months, fill in the Declaration form employee.

If you're employed by the university, use the BASS system (check here to see how to log in). If you're employed by a third party (e.g. FOM), download the PDF form from this page.

If you apply after three months, you will not be reimbursed, and any advances will be reclaimed! The difference between one-day and multi-day trips has disappeared since January 2011. You also use this form for reimbursement for e.g. colloquium dinners.

A few remarks to the way you fill in the PDF/paper form:

  • Staff members: please fill in your U number, behind your name;
  • Students: please fill in your BSN number behind your name;
  • Guests must add a copy of their passport to the reimbursement form;
  • If you have a foreign bank account: fill in SWIFT/BIC code and IBAN number and other bank-details - check them!
  • For everyone: fill in the form in a readable way, especially your name and the amount. This helps to prevent mistakes with transfers (and that is exactly the reason I'm adding the digital forms ;-))
  • Bank-account information is no longer necessary - it's coupled to your U-number. If you don't trust this, write it on the form anyway. If you change your bank-account number, you should inform the salary department (which you should do if you would like to continue receiving your salary anyway).

Hand in to the secretaries:

  • the form
  • the original receipts, tickets, etc. that you have so we can have it signed by the budgetholder. – Missing receipts will only be reimbursed for ca. 20 % of the per diem maximum allowed amount. (The reason for this is that you are advancing money to the university, and as a reward they will treat you as a criminal who must be punished for every tiny mistake, like the loss of a single receipt during weeks of travel.)
  • a photocopy of all your receipts, tickets, etc.

Keep track of your own reimbursements. If you haven't received the right amount of money (or nothing at all) within 6 weeks, let us know. We cannot keep track of whether things are being transferred or not. Mistakes happen (but you'll always be to blame)…

RU forms and instructions

All RU application/reimbursement forms can be found here, as well as instructions.

If you're employed by the university, use the BASS system instead (check here to see how to log in).

OV chip card

When you're travelling on public transportation (openbaar vervoer, OV) in the Netherlands, you can use the OV chip card in many trains, buses, etc. This is supposed to become convenient (don't forget to check out when you arrive!), but means you no longer have a paper ticket for reimbursement. Unfortunately, you cannot yet travel on all trains and buses. this page tries to indicate in which regions and train connections the chip card can be used (pale green regions and green tracks are bad). For the Dutch version of the 9292ov trip planner you can click on 'Uitgebreide prijsinfo' to see whether a price is indicated for the OV chip card.

Instead, you can print the last 10 transactions at most railway stations. These prints can be used for reimbursement. NOTE that one trip is considered to be two 'transactions' (check in and out), so you'll need to make these prints regularly!

If you have a personal OV chip card, you can view and print these transactions online, and are not limited to the last ten. Applying for a personal card, or activating online access to your existing personal card can be done here.