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Archived outreach pages

General Public Presentations

Cosmic Rays

A public talk by Christiaan (Powerpoint, in DUTCH) on cosmic rays (history, detection methods, air showers) can be found here (Original format is Keynote, converted to PPT resulted in some lost animated transitions). It uses many slides from Jorg Horandel's lecture notes on astroparticle physics. Keynote version is available from Christiaan, as it cannot be uploaded to the wiki due to filetype restrictions.

Another public talk by Anna. Based on Christiaan's slides but with more Auger and AERA. A pdf can be found here. Contact Anna for the keynote (or whatever other format).

Outreach Exercises

This page is for exercises for students or other members of the public.

Masterclass VWO Radio Astronomy June 4th, 2013

An exercise in looking at HI data: making some simple measurements (Doppler shifts, periods), and some simple calculations (Earth's orbital velocity, positions of HI clouds in the Galaxy). Suitable for high-school students. Ask Cameron Van Eck for more details, or an editable (MS Word) version.

Exercise File (PDF, with solutions)

Data (FITS file in ZIP archive)

Outreach materials for elementary schools

Here is a haphazard collection of materials for talks/outreach events at the level of elementary school children.

  • Tips and Tools for Teaching Planetary Science (from Emilio Enriquez) from ASP Cosmic in the Classroom 2010 conference: videos, demonstrations, links, powerpoints, etc
    • A_PlanetaryVideos (too big to upload, ask Emilio)
    • B_PlanetaryDemos
    • C_PlanetaryClickerQ's
    • D_PlanetaryWebLinks
    • E_DPS_Discoveries
  • Presentaties van Marc Klein Wolt: too big to upload (?)
    • Inleiding Astronomie (keynote)
    • Gevaren in de Ruimte (ppt)
    • Planeten (keynote)
    • Zonnestelsel (keynote)
    • Lessen Groep 1 Feb 2012 (keynote)
    • Lessen Groep 1+2 Feb 2012 (keynote)

Outreach materials for secondary schools