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4daagse feedback and things to remember

This info is to be incorporated in the individual pages of the developed materialā€¦

gravity demo
  • you need at least 2 people at the gravity demo to keep order. Children really like to play with the spandex and the marbles and will keep reaching for it. It also helps to have to have some conversations with people because this demo atracts 99% of all the people to the stand!
  • children will chase the marbles everywhere. Make sure there is never traffic close-by this demo!
  • needs repair every so often. Holes start appearing at the seam after a day of use. Gaps also showed up in other places.
  • spandex sometimes needed re-tightening after a few hours
  • we really want that sheet without a seam (need at least 2!)
  • marbles decrease linearly over time, need a Intertoys close by or have additinal supplies ready.
  • binary system demo doesn't work with 2 jeu de boule balls because they don't have enough friction to stay in place. Maybe we need some blocks that won't move.
  • you need to explain to people that this demonstrates gravity and the solar system! it is not obvious to most! Maybe add a sign next to it?
  • chronological list of demos that work well with the audience to tell a complete story:
  1. single planet around the star
  2. planet+moon
  3. big planet + mulitple moons
  4. tidal disruption with a hand of marbles to show how saturn's rings formed (and how deimos and phobos will do that too in the future)
  5. formation of the solar system with two hands of marbels moving in oposite directions. One direction will usually remain. Tidal friction will clean up the rest over time.
  6. putting a lot in orbit including some elliptical orbits with possible some astroids/comet stories
  7. letting children try it themselves all the time :)
  • screen is not bright enough for outside. Plasma screen should work better in the future.
  • even though the video was simplified. It is still to difficult/long for a general audience that will stare at the screen for max 30 seconds. posters will work much better
  • This went great. organizers need to know where the question are for people having difficulty finding them.
  • knutselpulsar might need a flyer with pulsar info
  • we have a little over half of all the material left.
  • table was too small for all our stuff. the black hole potential and NCLE didn't run well because of that.
  • needs a microphone if at an event for ambient noise reasons.
  • although in the shadow it was quite bright inside (and warm).
  • warmth was manageable with shorter shows (20-30m). They all liked it and said it was warm but great.
  • sold out every day roughly halfway the day.
constellation boxes
  • need new clay. orion e.g. wasn't visible according to irene.
  • in general they worked great.
  • using optical fibers would be nice maybe. painting the sticks black.
  • it wasn't really promoted, was it? Speurtocht was sold to people asking about the planetarium and then children did that. NCLE missed promotion.
  • there was too much wind. it was also quite difficult in general.
  • needs to stand somewhere if you want people to see and use it.
  • the stargazing night prize was advertized on the blackboard on the back side of the tent. This should be next to the selfi board of courseā€¦
  • we had ~500 people in the planetarium.
  • many children showed up multiple days.
  • the square wasn't well-visited in general. We were the biggest attraction. Our tent was filled at any time of the day. We wouldn't have wanted twice as many people.
what we missed
  • Some people asked what astronomy things there are to do for their primary school children between now and university. We should put some information on the public outreach website about: stargazing nights, astronomy clubs they could join, astronomy events organized elsewhere in the netherlands.