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-{{nl:​lofaropening_middel.jpg?​250|}} {{nl:​lofar_telescope_opening12062010.jpg?​250|}}\\ 
-**On June 12 the new Dutch Super Telescope LOFAR (Low Frequency Array) has been opened officially by Her Majesty Queen Beatrix.** 
-LOFAR is a telescope existing of a network of 25.000 radio antennas and which can '​listen'​ to signals from the universe. In this way, details of far-existing quasars can be examined, a recent success of LOFAR. 
-At this moment, the astronomers from Nijmegen are working on a system to make images with LOFAR with the highest possible time-resolution,​ smaller than 10 nano seconds. 
-Falcke: ‘With LOFAR, we can detect sources and image them, such as pulsars, fast rotating dead stars, high energetic particles that impact on to the earth and moon, and lightning flashes in the whole of the Netherlands. Of course, the first flashes we discovered, did not come from far away, but from the electricity wires in the neighbourhood...' ​ 
-You can find more on LOFAR on the website of [[http://​​about-astron/​press-public/​news|ASTRON]]. 
-Contact: Heino Falcke (024) 365 20 20,\\ 
-{{nl:​fotolofaropening2.jpg?​250| }}