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The ev/STARS/TWIN code

The "Eggleton code" known as ev, STARS or TWIN has been developed since the 1970's (e.g. Eggleton (et al.) 1971, 1972, 2002, Pols et al. 1995, Eldridge & Tout 2004, Stancliffe et al. 2007, Glebbeek et al. 2008). A specific branch of the code is maintained by people who are or were in Utrecht, in particular by Evert Glebbeek. Contact him if you want access to the source code, which is stored in an SVN repository. The package evTools provides tools to manipulate and display output from ev.

Documentation ev

  • User manual for the latest version of the ev code:   A4  –  Letter  –  eBook   (PDF, 350kb — in transition from the 2005 version).

  • I/O manual for the old 2005 version of the ev code: PDF, 250kb.
  • Peter Eggleton's write-up (2005): PS, 2.9Mb.

  • A concise svn HOWTO