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Lunar Radio Astronomy Explorer

The lunar lander with the tripole antenna. The Lunar Radio Astronomy Explorer (LRX) will conduct a wide range of radio science and astrophysics experiments from the lunar south pole. The mission is expected to achieve the following goals:

  • To characterize the properties of the lunar environment with respect to radio experiments.
  • To perform the first interferometric observations on the moon by observing cosmic radio sources at frequencies not accessible from the Earth (below 30 MHz).
  • To test the technology required for building a lunar radio interferometer.

Folded strips technique for antenna deployment. The astrophysics department is actively involved in lunar studies. As part of LRX project a prototype antenna has been implemented and simulated for the moon environment. Besides this we are working on the mechanisms for the antenna deployment. For more information about projects and Lunar Radio Astronomy visit our lunar website.