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GW journal club

meetings: Tuesdays (off-weeks from group meeting) at 13:30 in the teleconference room


Date Discussion Leader Topic Main Paper Materials
31.Oct 2017 Jan Kuijpers EM from BBHs Prompt Electromagnetic Transients from Binary Black Hole Mergers kelly-gw-journal-club.pdf
14.Nov 2017 Andris Dorozsmai compact binary populations Effect of metallicity on the gravitational-wave signal from the cosmological population of compact binary coalescences andris_pres.pdf
28.Nov 2017 David Nichols cocoon model for GW170817 A cocoon shock breakout as the origin of the gamma-ray emission in GW170817 and The gamma-rays that accompanied GW170817 and the observational signature of a magnetic jet breaking out of NS merger ejecta
12.Dec 2017 Paul Groot evidence for the cocoon Evidence for Cocoon Emission from the Early Light Curve of SSS17a
16.Jan 2018 Samaya Nissanke updates on evidence for the cocoon A mildly relativistic wide-angle outflow in the neutron star merger GW170817 and other recent developments
06.Feb 2018 Jakub Klencki comparing rates of BBH mergers and ULXs The binary black hole merger rates from ultraluminous X-ray source progenitors
20.Feb 2018 Bob Jacobs A magnetar origin for the kilonova ejecta in GW170817
06.March 2018 Martyna Chruslinska TBD Reinterpreting Low Frequency LIGO/Virgo Events as Magnified Stellar-Mass Black Holes at Cosmological Distances
20.March 2018 Jim Fuller tides in WD binaries, implications for LISA discussion with colloquium speaker
3.April 2018 No meeting No meeting No meeting
17.April 2018 Thomas Sotiriou discussion with colloquium speaker
1.May 2018 Tanja Hinderer TBD
15.May 2018 NO MEETING TBD
29.May 2018 7th Belgian-Dutch GW meeting, no journal club TBD
June-August summer break no meeeting
4.Sept 2018 TBD
18.Sept 2018 TBD

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