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 +The Nature and Orbit of the Ophiuchus Stream
 +Branimir Sesar (Max Planck Institute for Astronomy Heidelberg)
 +The Ophiuchus Stream is the most recently discovered stellar tidal stream in the Milky Way (Bernard et al. 2014). Due to its location (~5 kpc above the Galactic center) and its puzzling morphology (a thin and short stream, and yet with no visible progenitor),​ this stream may represent an important piece in our efforts to understand the Galactic potential and the dynamical evolution of accreted structures. In this talk, I will present a followup study of the stream during which we obtained high-quality spectroscopic data on 14 stream member stars using Keck and MMT telescopes. I will show how a probabilistic approach and a rich data set can be used to tightly constrain i) the distance, ii) the 3D kinematics, iii) the chemical abundance, iv) and the orbit of the stream. I will describe the nature of its progenitor and will finish by discussing prospects for characterization of stellar streams using Pan-STARRS1,​ Palomar Transient Factory, and GAIA data.