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 +Tuesday 1st December, 4:00pm
 +**The Icy Universe**
 +**Adwin Boogert**, USRA-Stratospheric Observatory for Infrared Astronomy, NASA Ames
 + ​Research Center, USA
 + ​Volatile molecules, together with refractory dust, are the building
 + ​blocks of dense clouds, protoplanetary envelopes and disks, and solar
 + ​systems objects. ​ Thus, the molecular formation pathways hold key
 + ​information on the formation of astronomical objects, and, eventually,
 + life. Telescope observations,​ laboratory simulations,​ and model
 + ​calculations show that icy grain mantles (H2O, NH3, CO, CO2, CH3OH, et
 + ​cetera) play an important role in molecule formation, as gas phase
 + ​elements condense onto cold dust grains and initiate a rich chemistry.
 + I will discuss how observations constrain the molecular formation
 + ​pathways and how the ice absorption, scattering, and emission bands
 + can be used to trace the physical history of their environment. ​ This
 + will be valuable in the interpretation of future infrared
 + ​spectroscopic observations with the James Webb Space Telescope and
 +large ground based telescopes.