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 +**Geoff Bower**, ASIAA, colloquium at 16:00h in **HG00.616**
 +**The Galactic Center Pulsar**
 +A pulsar in a bound orbit to the Galactic Center black hole, Sagittarius A*, provides one of the most powerful probes of general relativity. ​ PSR J1745-2900 was discovered in Spring 2013 through an X-ray outburst and is identified as a magnetar. ​ It is the closest pulsar to Sgr A* yet known at a projected separation of 0.1 pc.  The pulsar exhibits the highest rotation measure and dispersion measure of any pulsar giving a detailed probe of the central parsec ISM and magnetic field and their connection to the accretion flow onto Sgr A*.  A combination of angular and temporal broadening measurements resolves a long-standing controversy over the origin of the GC hyperstrong scattering screen. ​ High resolution astrometry demonstrates a likely origin for the pulsar in the central stellar cluster along with a kick velocity comparable to that of ordinary pulsars. ​ The demonstrated ability to detect pulsars in the vicinity of Sgr A* at low radio frequencies along with the appearance of a rare magnetar raises the question of whether the GC pulsar population is anomalous.
 +Magnetars in nearby galaxies have also been hypothesized to be the source of fast radio bursts (FRBs). ​ I will also discuss our efforts with the Very Large Array to search for and localize FRBs.