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 +**Melvyn B. Davies** ​
 +**The Astrophysics of Stellar Clusters**
 +Abstract: ​
 +Stellar clusters are common. Globular clusters contain some of the
 +oldest stars, whilst the youngest stars are found in OB associations
 +or in other clusters associated with recent star formation.
 +Such crowded places are hostile environments:​ a large fraction
 +of stars will collide or undergo close encounters. I will explain how stellar
 +clusters are factories for producing exotic objects, including potentially
 +intermediate-mass black holes which can grow into super-massive
 +black holes in galactic nuclei. I will also discuss how planetary
 +systems similar to our own solar system ​ are  vulnerable within stellar
 +clusters due to interactions with other stars. ​ Thus by studying stellar clusters
 +we will learn more about the rarity of planetary systems similar to our
 +own solar system. ​