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 +Superluminous supernovae - cosmic origins and evolution  ​
 +Stephen Smartt, Queen'​s University Belfast, Oct 11th 2017, 4pm
 +A rare type of supernovae have been found in recent wide field surveys that are 20-100
 +times brighter than normal thermonuclear and core-collapse supernovae. The origin ​
 +of this remarkable luminosity is not yet firmly established and there are currently three
 +competing theories, all involving massive stars. The explosions appear to exclusive ​
 +occur in dwarf galaxies which implies that their progenitor stars are of low metallicity. ​
 +I will discuss recent results from Pan-STARRS, PESSTO and other surverys
 +and show how these supernovae are being used as novel probes of the high redshift ​