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 +Speaker: Prof. Edo Berger
 +Title: Short-Duration Gamma-Ray Bursts and the Electromagnetic ​
 +Counterparts of Gravitational Wave Sources
 +Abstract: Gamma-ray bursts are the most luminous and energetic ​
 +explosions known in the universe. ​ They appear in two varieties: ​ long- 
 +and short-duration. ​ The long GRBs result from the core-collapse of 
 +massive stars, but until recently the origin of the short GRBs was 
 +shrouded in mystery. ​ In this talk I will present several lines of 
 +evidence that point to the merger of compact objects binaries (NS-NS ​
 +and/or NS-BH) as the progenitor systems of short GRBs.  Within this 
 +framework, the observational data allow us to determine the merger rate 
 +of these systems as input to Advanced LIGO, to infer the electromagnetic ​
 +properties of gravitational wave sources, and to study r-process ​