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Heino Falcke, his wife and Conny Aerts, toast to the cheerful event.

Conny Aerts, Gijs Nelemans (who received a NWO-Vidi grant of 600 kEuro), Dean of the Faculty of Science Jan Kuijpers and Director of the F.C. Donders Institute for Neuro Science Stan Gielen in a conversation.

Paul Groot welcomes Rector Magnificus Bas Kortmann.

Most of the IMAPP-students have also joined the party.

Director of IMAPP Sijbrand de Jong is giving his speech to the lucky ones, with Skype from CERN in Geneva, Switzerland.

Everyone listening to Sijbrand.

PhD's Lennart van Haaften, Sarka Jiraskova, Wilbert van Ham and Stijn Buitink and Postdoc Niall Deacon.

Secretaries of Astrophysics Cisca Custers and Esther Gebhardt, waiting to hand over the bouquets to Conny, Heino and Gijs.

Guido Swart, head of education institute 'WiNSt', Cisca Custers and Heino Falcke.