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 +**AndrĂ© Offringa**, ASTRON. Tuesday October 6th, 4pm, HG 00.071
 +**Observing the Epoch of Reionization with radio telescopes**
 +The cosmological Epoch of Reionization is an important epoch in the existence of our universe, in which the first sources were formed and heated the neutral Hydrogen. The signature of the EoR is directly detectable by redshifted emission in the 21-cm HI line. Several EoR experiments are underway to detect this signature in low-frequency observations (using LOFAR, MWA, GMRT, PAPER, ...), which will potentially result in a better understanding of this important epoch. However, because of the required sensitivity,​ strong foregrounds and instrumental effects it is a challenging experiment. In this seminar, I will explain what the EoR is, discuss the various experiments that are underway and the current results so far.