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 +**Gary Ferland**, University of Kentucky ​
 +**Molecular hydrogen in Crab Nebula filaments**
 +Room: HG00.071, 7.10. 16:00
 +All welcome
 +Some filaments in the Crab Nebula contain large amount of dust while
 +others have very strong emission from molecular hydrogen. ​ The optical
 +/ NIR spectrum is very similar to those of filaments found in
 +cool-core galaxy clusters. ​ Both environments have an anomalous
 +optical spectrum with strong low ionization lines never seen in
 +photoionized clouds. ​ The NIR spectrum has molecular hydrogen lines
 +that are far stronger than H I recombination lines and indicating
 +excitation temperatures around 3000 K.  In both environments the warm
 +molecular gas is surrounded by a bath of extremely hot T> 1e7 K, gas
 +in rough pressure equilibrium. ​ I will discuss what these spectra
 +reveal about conditions in the filaments and the origin of the