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 +LSST: a color movie of the Universe coming near you! 
 +Zeljko Ivezic (University of Washington, LSST Project Scientist)
 +The Large Synoptic Survey Telescope (LSST) will carry out an imaging survey covering ​
 +the sky that is visible from Cerro Pachon in Northern Chile. About 10,000 square degrees ​
 +of sky will be covered twice per night, every three to four nights on average, with typical ​
 +5-sigma depth for point sources of r~24.5 (AB). With close to 1000 observations in ugrizy ​
 +bands over a 10-year period, these data will enable a deep coadded maps across half the 
 +sky reaching five magnitudes deeper than the SDSS survey (r~27.5, 5 sigma, point source), ​
 +and faint time-domain astronomy. The coadded maps will enable measurements of about
 +40 billion objects. The measured properties of newly discovered and known astrometric ​
 +and photometric transients will be publicly reported within 60 sec after closing the shutter. ​
 +These data will represent a treasure trove for follow-up programs using other ground and 
 +space-based telescopes, such as fast-response fast-cadence photometric observations ​
 +and spectroscopy,​ as well as for facilities operating at non-optical wavelengths and for 
 +gravitational wave programs. I will describe the relevant data products to be delivered by 
 +LSST and will summarize how international partners can join LSST.