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 +Frederic VINCENT, Observatoire de Paris/​Section de Meudon ​   ​
 +Title :  Images of alternatives to Kerr black holes
 +Abstract : These are exciting times for people interested in the observable
 +counterparts of strong gravity. Besides the new window recently
 +opened by gravitational-wave astronomy, the more classical
 +electromagnetic astronomy might also allow us in the close
 +future to probe strong gravity in a regime that was not
 +accessible before.
 +The Event Horizon Telescope is a network of millimetric antennas
 +that aims at imaging the shadow of the supermassive black hole
 +Sgr A* at the center of the Galaxy, i.e. the dark patch on sky
 +due to the radiation that is swallowed by the hole. The ultimate
 +goal of the instrument is, by demonstrating the presence of this
 +shadow, to give the most convincing proof that Sgr A* is indeed
 +a black hole.
 +In this talk, I will investigate two questions related to this
 +general context: (1) does the detection of a shadow indeed
 +allows us to conclude that there is a black hole at the Galactic center?
 +(2) would a black hole different from the standard Kerr solution
 +lead to a different shadow, in a way that could be detectable?