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 +===== Millions for Astroparticle Physics research =====
 +** Heino Falcke, professor of Radio Astronomy and Astroparticle Physics and affiliated to ASTRON as International Project Scientist for LOFAR, has received en ERC Advanced grant in the first round of these new grants. Also Conny Aerts, adjunct professor has received an ERC Advanced grant for her asteroseismology work at the University of Leuven. **
 +The Advanced Grants of the European Research Council (ERC) are a new, very prestigious scheme for the most talented advanced researchers in Europe.
 +Heino Falcke receives 3.5 million Euro for his project 'From black holes to ultra-high energy cosmic rays: exploring the extremes of the universe with low-frequency radio interferometry'​. Conny Aerts received 2.5 million Euro for her project '​PROSPERITY:​ PRObing Stellar Physics and tEsting stellaR evolutIon through asTeroseismologY'​.