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 +**Scott Ransom** (NRAO)
 +“**But wait!  There'​s more!: A Wealth of Science from Millisecond
 +Room: HG00.307, 11. November 16:00
 +All welcome
 +Abstract: Pulsars are some of astrophysics'​ most exotic objects. We
 +currently know of about 2300 pulsars in our Galaxy, but a small subset
 +of them, the millisecond pulsars (MSPs), are truly remarkable. These
 +systems are notoriously hard to detect, yet their numbers have more
 +than doubled in the past 4 years via surveys using the world'​s most
 +sensitive telescopes. Specialized "​timing"​ observations of these new
 +systems as well as much improved monitoring of previously known MSPs
 +are providing fantastic results. Some examples include unusual
 +aspects of binary and stellar astrophysics,​ the nature of matter at
 +supra-nuclear densities, and the direct detection of gravitational
 +waves, possibly within the next 5 years.