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 +**Victoria Grinberg**, MIT
 +**Bringing together spectral, timing and polarization analysis of an X-ray binary**
 +I will present recent analyses of the representative high mass X-ray binary Cygnus X-1, with a focus on X-ray source states that are essential for interpretation of data at all wavelength, from radio over IR to the gamma-rays. In particular, I will introduce a recently developed novel approach that uses 16 years of RXTE observation of Cyg X-1 to define states based on RXTE-ASM, MAXI, Swift-BAT, and Fermi-GBM data and so enables us to conduct state-resolved polarization analysis.
 +The RXTE campaign also offers a unique chance to investigate the spectro-timing behavior of the source and its environment:​ What can we learn from a detailed spectro-timing analysis that includes spectral-shape and Fourier-frequency resolved evolution of time lags and coherence? Why is an energy dependent approach to power spectra crucial to disentangle the contribution from different emission components? What can we learn not only about the accretion and ejection processes close to the black hole, but also about the properties of the wind feeding the black hole?