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 +This Thursday, Febr. 26, at 2 pm, **Matthew Liska**, a masterstudent from the UvA (but applying for a PhD position with Heino and Monika), will give a seminar on the '​**Acceleration of relativistic black hole jets**'​.
 +HG 00.068
 +AGN jets are one of the most powerful phenomena in our universe. They can deposit energy and momentum on the order of the accretion rate into the interstellar and intergalactic medium. AGN feedback has a pronounced effect on the evolution of galaxies and clusters. Understanding how jets accelerate up to and beyond the Bondi radius will help us among others to develop better sub grid models for cosmological simulations.
 +In this presentation I will present my results of GRMHD simulations of relativistic black hole jets up to the Bondi radius. These simulations are special since the jet self consistently forms out of the accretion disk and black hole. Also the disk wind has an effect on the jet. I will discuss further steps in these simulations,​ which will include going to 3D.
 +Full 3D has become computationally feasible by the usage of highly parallel hybrid MPI-OpenCL code for GPUs. I will briefly explain the GPU programming paradigm and give some performance results.