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 +**A Decade of Space Asteroseismology**
 +by Conny Aerts
 +University of Leuven, Belgium
 +Radboud University Nijmegen, the Netherlands
 +After a basic introduction on how asteroseismology works in practice, we
 +illustrate its application to various kinds of stars, covering the mass range
 +from exoplanet host stars up to massive O-type stars. We show how detected
 +oscillation modes allow us to understand details of the interior structure of
 +stars that are impossible to unravel in any other way.  The talk will focus on the
 +major questions of how stars rotate internally and what type of angular momentum
 +distribution they have.  We end by summarizing ongoing and future projects on
 +asteroseismology of stars that were so far not treated and highlight the
 +potential of the Gaia and future PLATO data for this research domain.