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Every now and then I have an idea that may be useful to other people as well (though I seem to be able to successfully suppress this condition most of the time). These pages are here to be found by a search engine and perhaps help some people that are looking for them.

Computing, GNU/Linux


Software packages:

Most of my software packages have been collected on this page.
MarieCurie LaTeX LaTeX template for Marie Curie actions, Intra-European Fellowships, call FP7-PEOPLE-IEF-2008 (tarball, 13kb)

Tips & tricks:

These pages have been updated and moved to WordPress.

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo Linux

Gentoo ebuilds:

These ebuilds can be found in the Science Overlay or my Private Overlay.


LSC-Virgo collaboration
get_LSC_data Bash script to facilitate the download of Frame files from the LSC data servers
LALSuite ebuilds LALSuite (LIGO/Virgo libraries) ebuilds for installation on Gentoo Linux